We are authorized with multiple organizations

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AS & ISO Certificate

Vega Aviation Products has the TÜV SÜD AMERICA INC. Certification, AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for Quality Management. The laid down and documented systems ensure top of the line quality on all manufactured products ensuring customer satisfaction to the highest levels, repeat customers on all the products stands testimony to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at all times.

CEMILAC Certificate!


We have been awarded by the coveted CEMILAC Certification which implies our Packaging Cases have passed the following test successfully. The ‘CEMILAC’ approval is awarded by DRDO CEMILAC. The ‘CEMILAC’ approval is awarded by DRDO CEMILAC.

  • a) All physical testes viz. Dimensions, weight and Finish
  • b) Random Vibrate Test
  • c) Dry Heat Test
  • d) Damp Heat Test
  • e) Lift (using fitted handles) test
  • f) Static Load Test
  • g) Water Spray Test
  • h) Bump Test
  • i) Drop Test
  • j) Toppling Test
  • k) Compression Test

If one observes if the Packaging Case has passed all these testes, one has on hand the most indestructible packaging case over. The CEMILAC approval is the one important approval to be an approved Defense Supplier.