The Infrastructure

At VEGA we use high CAD/CAM tools from DELCAM range which enables us to design, Develope and manufacture Hi-Tech composite products of much higher accuracy and standards, by doing so we create contemporary designs which cater to the global market. Vega uses Hi end modelling Software and power shape to design Hi-tech composite products from concept to the final manufacturing stage. We use various software tools like PS Mould Maker and PS Render which offers unique flexibility for improvement at all stages, while maintaining accuracies required for designing Complex Hi-tech composite mould tools.

We prioritise innovative ideas, as the world demands for tomorrow's Technology, today we have the latest technology to present smart solutions in order to manufacture a range of Fibre Reinforced composite products these are ideal alternatives to conventional materials like Wood, Aluminium, Steel etc., that suffers from problems like corrosion, law durability, reliability and high maintenance.


  • MECOF make
  • Universal type
  • 3-axis VMC Single Column
  • 1x1 5x3 mtrs.


High End

CAD/CAM Tools.

Composite Mould Tools

High Tech

Composite Mould Tools.

Composite Products

Fiber Reinforce

Composite Products.

PS Mold Maker and PS Render

PS Mold Maker and PS Render







Advantages of our Products

Why Choose Us

We aim to create the best products while keeping things simple. As a result we're recognised as one of the top companies in the area.

We take our work very seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We love doing what we do, and you'll enjoy working with us. Our teams are small, so you'll feel like part of the family.

Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology.